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The Benefits of Personal Development

All Articles, News & Views, Running a Business // January 19, 2017


Ask people what the term “personal development” means to them and most will answer in relation to their career or employment development. Only when you ask for further examples might they start to talk about developing personal relationships. In truth the term applies to anything that will enrich your life, financially or otherwise; bring you […]

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Marketing on a Budget

All Articles, Growing a Business, Marketing // November 21, 2016


Customers are the lifeblood of any business and without them no company can survive. So how do you go about getting (and keeping) customers? Finding customers is the key to running a successful business and all highly successful businesses are good at marketing. This doesn’t mean that you need to spend thousands on an expensive […]

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Small Business Marketing – Building Relationships is the Key

All Articles, Business Management, Growing a Business, Marketing, News & Views // November 5, 2016


Marketing for small business is different than marketing for national or international brands, which enjoy instant name recognition. By contrast, small business marketing relies heavily on word of mouth and on building and maintaining personal relationships. This article isn’t about finding new customers, it is about hanging on to the ones you have and building […]

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5 Ways to Build Great Online Content

All Articles, Business Management, Growing a Business, Marketing // October 14, 2016


High Street retail experts will tell you that the key to success is “location, location, location” and so it is that the key to online success is “content, content, content”. The fact is that without content, you have nothing. Whether it’s a one liner for a micro blog, 500 words for an article, 250 words […]

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Setting Up an Office: Part 5 – Working from home

All Articles, Growing a Business, Running a Business, Starting a Business // August 19, 2016


Many small start-ups find setting up an office at home the most attractive option. It is cheap and handy, but there may be drawbacks. The Legal Position The first thing is to consider is whether or not you can legally set your office up at home. If you rent your home there may very well […]

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Setting Up an Office: Part 4 – Look Good on Paper

All Articles, Growing a Business, Running a Business, Starting a Business // August 14, 2016


There is a saying in marketing that “image is everything” and there is a lot of truth in that. Your customers, existing and potential, will expect you to present a professional image and your stationery is an important factor in creating your business image. You should take time to consider what you will need and […]

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