Most people think that working from home is easy. They can roll out of bed whenever they want and don’t have to worry about getting ready to catch the bus or drive for miles to some office or other. They can just work when they feel like it and be around for their children.

Well in some ways they are right. You can do all of the above and you can even work at your computer and on the phone in your pyjamas (though video conferencing might mitigate against this) but the fact is that unless you manage your time and discipline your activities your business will fail.

So, here are some tips to point you in the right direction so that you will succeed in your home based business

  • Get a space in your home where you can set up an office. You are going to need a place for a computer and printer, a place to store products if you have any, and you have to make sure that where you’re working is quiet. Remember this is your working space so remove anything that might distract you from working, such as a TV. Some people work better when there’s background noise. I always have the radio on but I have taught myself to block it out most of the time.
  • Set yourself a work schedule and stick to it. You need to take regular breaks, but don’t make them any longer than a few minutes every hour or so that you’re working. It’s probably a good idea to work a few hours, break for lunch, and then continue working until the day is over. Figure out all the times you’ll be working and tell the people you’re living with when you can talk to them because you won’t be working. Have a separate phone line for business purposes only.
  • Get a website built so you can showcase products or services. There are many free or really cheap website building systems out there but get yourself a unique website name instead of the generic ones which usually come with a free hosted site. This will also allow you to have a personal email address rather than a generic gmail or similar address which doesn’t look professional. If you don’t feel able to set up a site yourself there are plenty of website design services advertised online. Do a Google search and when you find someone in your price range check with the owners of any sites they have designed to see if they are happy with the service.

Success won’t come overnight and anyone who tells you otherwise is just out to part you from your money with some scam or other. Just be patient, accept that it will take some time and that you will make mistakes. 

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