If you have always wanted to run your own business (or even expand the one you have) but you haven’t yet made it happen, then maybe you are just too lazy to succeed. Or maybe you just haven’t found the information you need to make it happen because you haven’t got yourself organised.

Here are three tips you can use to finally kick start your journey on the road to success in your business ambitions.


1. Have a Plan

I’m not talking here about a “business plan” (I’ve written a lot about these – see below) but about a personal “action plan”.

The whole point of having an action plan is to provide you with a road map of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly actions that will be needed in order to bring your project to fruition.

Get yourself a time planner and keep it with you at all times. Update it regularly, consult it daily, and whenever you get an idea or see some piece of information that might be of use to you, write it down so you won’t forget. Indeed that’s the key – write everything down. We are all busy and so anything that helps keep us on track is invaluable in helping us achieve our goals.

But do be realistic. There is no point in having a plan that you can never achieve. So if you are working full time or are otherwise tied up for most of the week, plan to only accomplish what you actually have time for. Don’t go too easy on yourself, but at the same time keep your plan reasonable so you do not become overwhelmed.

Don’t forget the old adage “No-one plans to fail, they only fail to plan”.

2. Write Down and Keep Your Goals in Front of You

Write down what you are trying to accomplish today, this week and in the next month. Post it where you will see it. Perhaps on the office wall or even the fridge door. Reading your goals every day will help keep your vision and your intention to reach your goals alive.

In order to become successful, you need to change your current behaviour to accommodate the behaviour necessary to succeed. Change for humans is no easy task. Writing down your goals and saying them out loud several times a day works like a mantra and keeps your goal at the front of your mind until your goal becomes your reality.

Keep your mantra positive, always use words like “I will” or “I am”. Never use words like “maybe” or “I think I can”. You can and you will meet your goals, claim it.

3. Just Go For It

Everyone has fear, accept it and walk through it. How? By working your plan and repeating your success mantra. Yes, it really is that simple. Are you ready to finally succeed? Just go for it.

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