Implementation of the Bribery Act 2010 is to be delayed amidst fears that promised guidelines to enable businesses to understand the somewhat complex legislation will not be ready in time. The Act was introduced by the last Labour Government and whilst the new Conservative-LibDem coalition broadly supports the rationale for the new law it decided to review the practical implications before giving the final go ahead for the law to come into effect.

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) today confirmed that the guidance for businesses on the implementation of the Bribery Act will not be ready in time for the April deadline. A spokesman said: “We are working on the guidance to make it practical and comprehensive for business. When the guidance is published it will be followed by a three-month notice period before implementation of the Bribery Act.”

Concerns have been raised by business leaders that the act is not clearly defined and could cause problems for the competitiveness of British businesses. In an interview with the BBC, the CBI’s Director-General John Cridland described the legislation as “not fit for purpose”.

He claimed that British firms would not be able to “hoover up” demand from developing countries if the Bribery Act does not set out exactly how they can operate.

Downing Street said it is looking into the issue. The Prime Minister’s spokesman said the government has listened to businesses’ concerns about the regulatory burden of the legislation and is “looking again to see what [it] can do”.

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  1. John Arnold says:

    Can they not just forget the whole damn thing?

  2. John Arnold says:

    Does anyone really understand what this is all about?

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