I think most people accept that the comments made by Lord Young, that the majority of UK citizens had “never had it so good” were in fact true. Despite the recession most people are benefitting from low interest rates but if you are one of the hundreds of thousands of people who have lost or are about to loose their jobs the fact that 33 million of your fellow citizens are enjoying a better standard of living is not something you want to hear. 

I’m afraid Lord Young deserved to go but the way that David Cameron handled the matter – first supporting Lord Young and then doing an about turn – is yet another example of his seeming poor judgement and his bending to what can only be called, in the real sense of the phrase, “political correctness”. 

However, for me the real concern about the departure of Lord Young is what will happen now to the review that Lord Young was appointed to carry out. 

David Cameron asked Lord Young to look at the barriers to growth that small and medium sized businesses faced and find ways to ensure that government policy making took account of the needs of the business community. In short, to put “enterprise” at the heart of the coalition government’s policy and perhaps most importantly to review some of the silly “health & safety” issues which so bedevil business.

Initial reaction to his work has been positive as Lord Young displayed a clear vision for the UK’s business environment and was one of the few politicians willing to grapple with the politically sensitive, but critical, issues of health and safety and employment law reform. 

Now he has gone it is unclear whether the Prime Minister will be able to find someone with the background, authority and vision to complete what was, and remains, a vital task. 

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  1. David Chang says:

    What has happened now Lord Young has gone? Who has replaced him?

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