One of the constant complaints of British businesses and individuals is the huge amount of outdated laws and irritating regulations they face.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg today issued a call to arms against pointless regulation and unnecessary bureaucracy, and is inviting the public to have their say about how they want the Government to redress the balance between the citizen and the state.

Rules in society create good law and order, but too many nannying, unnecessary rules can restrict freedom and make criminals out of ordinary people.

The Cabinet Office has today launched the Your Freedom website so that anyone can suggest ideas on restoring liberties that have been lost, repealing unnecessary laws and stripping away excessive regulation on businesses.

Everybody is invited to submit their ideas, comment on other people’s ideas and rate their favourites. Relevant departments will consider all suggestions and respond to the most popular workable ideas, with a Freedom Bill expected later this year or early next that will take into account the views expressed on the Your Freedom website.

So, don’t say you were not asked! Have a look at the site and make your view heard.

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