A new website has just gone online which will be of great help to anyone starting up a new business.

One of the most common complaints on a whole load of business forums is that of someone who has an established business and finds that someone else has set up another business with the same or similar name. Typically someone trading as a sole trader finds that someone else sets up a limited company and it is then difficult to get them to change the company name.

Another common complaint is the opposite: an established limited company finds that someone starts up as a sole trader – for which there is no need to register – using their name. In this case the Companies Names Adjudicator can often help (see below for details) but it isn’t always easy.

In addition Section 69 of the 2006 Companies Act introduces a whole raft of rights and liabilities when it comes to setting up a company or registering a trademark. The message is that anyone setting up a business must take care they don’t infringe anyone else’s company name, brand name, trading name or trade mark. Unfortunately this has until now meant doing, or getting a company registration agent or solicitor to do, a whole range of searches.

Not any more. The Business Link organisation has just launched a new service which allows you to check your proposed name against a whole range of registers’ all on one site. To view it go to www.businesslink.gov.uk/nameandtrademark

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  1. Mileena Bey says:

    Very useful post ! Will be back soon.

  2. ivan Mungroo says:

    I intend to start a Internet Marketing Business and would like info on how best to register this and make the most (in respect oof income!) as to how best I can preserve what I will most likely earn??

    Would opening an ‘Off Shore Bank Account’ be of help, as I know I will be liable for UK Taxes??

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