Back in June of 2008 I told readers of this blog about my discussion with Des Browne, who at that time, in addition to being Member of Parliament for Kilmarnock & Loudon had two Westminster jobs; that of Defence Secretary and Secretary of State for Scotland.

A bit odd really to have two part-time jobs, both of which used to be among the major cabinet posts in any UK government. Stranger still that I found myself sitting opposite him in an Indian Resturant on the same evening (19th June) that the Labour government forced through a law, only because the Ulster Unionists voted with them, allowing the Police to hold “terror” suspects for 42 days without any charge.

Being a mouthy sort of guy I couldn’t help but point out that it seemed strange that if terrorists were such a threat he could sit unmolested in an Indian Resturant, in the window no less, but more to the point I noted that every Government that has relied on the Ulster Unionists to get their bills through Parliament has lost the next election”, I said, “Look at John Major. Look at Jim Callaghan”. Mr Browne replied that perhaps he should polish up his CV and look for a new job.

Well now he has. On 27th November the former human rights lawyer said he was giving up his Kilmarnock & Loudoun seat, which he holds with a majority of 8,703 over the SNP, “with some reluctance”, but planned a new career in conflict resolution and nuclear disarmament.

Good luck Mr Browne. At least you know when to quit and you also had a sense of humour.

The Night I Told a Cabinet Minister to Look for a New Job

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  1. KarenKL says:

    Very interesting and amusing. I read with increasing amusement and pleasure.

  2. Carleton says:

    Very interesting and amusing. I read with great pleasure.

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