Harriet Harman, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party but not (thank goodness) the official Deputy Prime Minister, has come up with the daft idea of teaching 5-year old boys that it is wrong to be a wife-beater.

Hmmm. I’d have thought that the vast majority of 5-year olds would never have come across or thought about wife beating or indeed husband beating. Those who had probably wouldn’t rate it much either. Little children tend – in my experience – to find physical violence rather distressing.

Has our government learnt nothing from the disastrous policy that the way to cut teenage pregnancies is to provide “sex education” lessons to primary school and young teenagers which has had the result of increasing teenage pregnancies?

As a young boy it never occurred to me that hitting a woman was a good idea. I only once saw my father hit my mother and that was when she had a fit on hysterics and his rather mild slap brought her to her senses. He was devastated that he “had to do it”.

I was perfectly willing to defend myself against boys who wanted a punch-up or to smack a few players on the rugby field. But I’d never dream of hitting a female. You simply didn’t. They were “the weaker sex” and it just didn’t occur to us that you should hit them even when they were being unreasonable – or even when they hit you! You know women could slap quite hard for no real (to my male mind) reason.

OK. Things have changed a bit and there are many violent women around these days – mainly fuelled by alcohol. That’s another thing, when I was a boy females didn’t think it was smart to go out and “get hammered”.

So, where are we going? Well, given the fact that government policies which were designed to cut teenage pregnancies by way of sex education have in fact resulted in a massive increase in teenage pregnancies I seriously question whether a government policy teaching about violence against females might not in fact result in more violence against females.

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