Just thirty years ago a concerted campaign by local Councillor Eileen Jakes, led to Conservative controlled Brighton Council voting to become the first major resort in Britain to officially establish a beach solely for nude bathers.

Councillor Jakes, a 47-year-old grandmother and sea-front landlady, argued that the beach would increase tourism to the town. In her bid to persuade her fellow-councillors to agree to the scheme she passed round photographs of herself bathing topless in Ibiza. Not everyone was impressed by this and there was fierce opposition to the proposals by some who argued that the scheme would attract “perverts and voyeurs.”

Councillor John Blackman dubbed the proposal as a “flagrant exhibition of mammary glands” and said “we are going too far, people will be offended. I personally have no objection to people showing their breasts and bosoms and general genitalia to one another. Jolly good luck to them, but for heaven’s sake they should go somewhere more private.”

Since then Councillor Jakes has been vindicated and the official Brighton Tourist Office make great play of the beach, pointing out that it is the most accessible naturist beach in Britain being within easy walking distance of central Brighton at the eastern end of the main Brighton beach.

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