The Taxpayers Association of Europe (TAE) has hit out at the recently announced new rules for MEPs air travel, which are to be introduced after the June 2009 election is out of the way.

TAE president Rolf von Hohenhau, declared that MEPs should only be able to claim reimbursement for the actual price paid for air tickets. Unlike business travellers who must provide receipts for travel, MEPs have always been paid a flat rate for a flexible economy class ticket even if they only paid for a cheaper non-flexible ticket.

Following criticism of this “perk” the rules are being changed, but instead of insisting that MEPs travel at the lowest cost possible – which most have always done whilst claiming the full economy fare – now MEPs will be able to travel Business Class. Again without having to provide receipts.

OK, they may not make any extra money doing this as Business Class tickets are rarely discounted, but in a slap in the face to European taxpayers MEPs will now travel in luxury at greater cost to the taxpayer.

This disgusting decision must be reversed and while they are at it rules should be introduced to ensure that air miles earned on EU paid for flights are only used for EU business and not for family holidays!

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