And it’s still running the length of Douglas Bay on the Isle of Man.

The tramway was built and first operated by Thomas Lightfoot, a retired Sheffield civil engineer. In 1882, he sold the line to Isle of Man Tramways Ltd but 20 years later Douglas Corporation had to purchase the lines when the company went bankrupt.

The trams have been running ever since, with only brief breaks during World War II, and are a popular form of transport in the summer for locals and tourists.

The line runs along Douglas Promenade for about 1.6 miles and links the southern terminus of the Manx Electric Railway with the Sea Terminal and Port.

The trams pulled by specially bred horses and are fitted with roller bearings to ease the load on the horses which are very friendly and used to the traffic around them. They are well cared for during their working life and when they retire they are cared for in a dedicated Rest Home for Old Horses which is open to the public.

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